[Enigmail] Enigmail v1.8 Beta 1

Olav Seyfarth olav at enigmail.net
Mon Mar 2 12:43:22 CET 2015

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Hi Philip,

> from the strange little icon (3 small horizontal bars) on the right hand
> end of Thunderbird's Mail Toolbar.

which is, on Windows at least, THE thunderbird MENU button, after all.

> It is this latter which gives most often defective options. If there is no
> PhotoID with the key concerned, the PhotoID option is not greyed out,
> clicking it does however provide the message that no such id is available.

Nice one, I can confirm that they are not grayed out! Screenshot [1] shows the
different menus on the SAME message (the one I reply to now, which is signed but
I don't have the sender's key in my local keyring).

While non-available options are grayed out in the regular menu and the Details
menu, they are not grayed out if the menu is accessed via the "TB Menu Button".
This applies to all four menu entries, not just the Photo ID.

However, clicking on the (shoub-be-grayed-out) Photo ID menu entry in my case
did NOT yield a message but nothing-happened-at-all. Klicking on "Show Photo-ID"
in that same menu on a message that has a local key and a Photo ID does show it.

> If the message has not been signed at all, the Details button of course is
> not present and the other two ways still provide a range of options.

I my case, it shows the same menu entries as for a signed the key of which is
not present in keyring.

"Import key" is ALWAYS available in ALL menus, which doesn't make sense.

> The menu bar Enigmail/Senders key/ provides four options not greyed out
> (only the photoID is greyed out).

Hmmm in my installation, all four were grayed out.

> Whether any response is received from clicking on any of these items
> depends on whether the message is 'stand-alone' or a reply within a
> thread.

> If within a thread, clicking on 'View key properties' can produce the
> details of a key from another thread message higher up in the chain.

I can confirm that, but it has nothing to do with threads. The action (such as
"TB-BUTTON/Enigmail/sender's key/show properties") is not performed on the key
of the message "higher up the thread" but on the key that was processed last!
See Screenshot [2] (messages on this list).

Maybe this is related to
  (which indicates that this should no longer happen in 1.8b1!)
  (which indicates that this should no longer happen since 1.7)
  (marked as invalid due to lack of reporter's response but matches pattern)
  (Enigmail 1.7.2, asked reporter to reproduce with 1.8b1)
  (could be related if related to asynchronous operations)


Screenshots (will only be available in March, 2015):
[1] http://seyfarth.de/enigmail-users/150302_menus.png
[2] http://seyfarth.de/enigmail-users/150302_thread.png

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