[Enigmail] Key selection v1.6 vs 1.7

Andreas Heinlein aheinlein at gmx.com
Tue Mar 3 08:47:58 CET 2015


sorry if I missed out something, I haven't been following the discussion
on this list recently...

But I came across some differences in key selection in the current
version 1.7.2, compared to 1.6 and earlier.

First thing I noted is that when you have multiple valid and usable keys
for the same mail address, previous versions used to choose any one of
them, which was probably not the best idea. The new version pops up a
key selection dialog instead, with all matching keys already
checkmarked. While this is a better idea, the box is still titled "No
matching key found for...", and then an empty field. I would like to
have at least the box renamed to "Multiple matching keys found for..."
and then the relevant mail addresses. I would find it even better if one
could choose to just use all matching keys in such cases without asking.

An even more annoying side effect of this seems to occur, when you have
a single key with multiple IDs attached which have the same mail
address. I.e. a single key with the primary ID "John Doe
<john_and_mary at example.org>" and a secondary ID "Mary Doe
<john_and_mary at example.org>". Such keys exist, whether this actually
makes sense or not... In such a case, the same box appears, again
claiming it cannot find a key, but having the single matching key

The former might be a question of design, the latter is clearly a bug to me.


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