[Enigmail] More bug reports

Robert J. Hansen rjh at sixdemonbag.org
Wed Mar 4 16:55:59 CET 2015

Compose a new message.  Enigmail -> Attach Public Key.  Why does this
window's confirmation button say "Send" instead of "Attach"?

Clicking the "Attach my public key" button should attach a key to the
message immediately, rather than attaching it on send.  If a file is
attached, users expect to see it in the Compose window's attachments
area.  "Attach my public key" doesn't, and it confuses some users.

"Convenient encryption settings", plus defaulting to no confirmation
before sending an unencrypted message, is problematic for some users.
They think they've set the wizard up to always encrypt, but instead it's
silently sending unencrypted without any warning.  It would be nice if
the first time you sent a message unencrypted a message box could pop
up, saying "You are sending unencrypted email.  If this is not what you
want, click Cancel and adjust your settings."  It would only need to be
a one-time warning -- just something to give users one last chance to
recognize, "oh, man, I messed up the configuration."

There's been some murmuring about PGP/MIME being nice.  Of the people
who've spoken to me, about 60% would prefer it as the default, while 40%
think inline is the better choice.  (By this I mean a total of five
people have voiced an opinion, three for PGP/MIME and two for inline.
Beware of trusting these numbers, as they're based on a very small sample.)

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