[Enigmail] Enigmail v1.8 Beta 1

Patrick Brunschwig patrick at enigmail.net
Sat Mar 7 19:05:02 CET 2015

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On 01.03.15 22:07, Philip Jackson wrote:
> Hi Patrick :
> On 26/02/15 18:36, Patrick Brunschwig wrote:
>> I have created the first *beta* release of Enigmail v1.8. It
>> contains many changes to the user interface, especially message
>> composition, and quite a lot of bugs were fixed.
>> I would appreciate to get as many bugs reported as possible such
>> that we will have a stable release.
> I've found a glitch in enigmail 1.8beta  connected with "sender's
> key" options.
> If the mail has been signed, you have 3 ways to be offered some
> options for the sender's key :
> 1. from the 'Details' button in the message header 2. from the menu
> bar Enigmail/ Sender's key/ 3. from the strange little icon (3
> small horizontal bars) on the right hand end of Thunderbird's Mail
> Toolbar.
> It is this latter which gives most often defective options.
> If there is no PhotoID with the key concerned, the PhotoID option
> is not greyed out, clicking it does however provide the message
> that no such id is available.
> If the message has not been signed at all, the Details button of
> course is not present and the other two ways still provide a range
> of options.
> The menu bar Enigmail/Senders key/ provides four options not greyed
> out (only the photoID is greyed out).  Whether any response is
> received from clicking on any of these items depends on whether the
> message is 'stand-alone' or a reply within a thread.  If within a
> thread, clicking on 'View key properties' can produce the details
> of a key from another thread message higher up in the chain (even
> though there appears no quote from that message).
> The 'funny icon' /Enigmail/Sender's key/ provides all five options
> (not greyed out).  Some do nothing, some attempt an action on a key
> higher up in the chain, the photoID option may show an image from
> higher up or do nothing.
> The most common of these is the offer to check a non-existant
> photoid in the senders key options from the message toolbar icon.
> The other incoherent offerings seem to be connected with unsigned
> messages inside a thread containing some signed messages.  You can
> find instances in this thread.

Fixed on master; thanks for reporting.

- -Patrick

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