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On 03/06/15 19:23, David wrote:
> On 3/6/2015 3:37 PM, Phil Stracchino wrote:
>> On 03/06/15 15:16, David wrote:
>>> I am confused by this request. What difference does it make if 
>>> 'someone else' knows whose public is on your public keyring?
>> If they know whose public keys are on your keyring, they know who
>> you talk to.  You may not wish them to know this.  Depending on
>> who you are and who you talk to, their knowing it could be very
>> dangerous to you.
> You are aware that the *body* of the message is encrypted but the 
> *header*, the email address you send to and the email address that
> you send from, and the complete path of all the email servers that
> the emails traveled though, is still open to the world? And that
> those emails are stored on all of those servers. Or at least they
> used to be stored.
> Which means that the whole world 'knows' just who you send emails
> to and receive emails from? You are using Thunderbird on a Linux
> OS.
> Select an email that you have sent to your friends, or one that
> they have sent to you, or anyone, and press Ctrl-U to open a new
> window of information. read carefully and closely.
> So if some admin of a key-server in some place 'knows' who you is
> on your Public-Keyring for email it is of little importance.

Yes.  But if certain addresses are on your public keyring, then the
odds are you are having conversations that you consider "sensitive"
with those persons.  And if one of those persons is a Person Of
Interest, then you just became a Person Of Interest yourself.

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