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Ian Mann ansus at neomailbox.ch
Sun Mar 8 02:48:52 CET 2015

Read a PDF on DIME and viewed a You Tube video made at DefCon. Lavinson's system has a server, Magma and an email client Volcano, built on Thunderbird. The gist of it was that the metaddata would be hidden more and encrypted as part of the email process.

That would make the emails more of a target based on the statements you refer to Doug. Nevertheless, the process would be more secure in my opinion.

If you want the PDF or video email me and I can send a link. Similarly, a quick Google can bring them up. The system is not available yet, they have just started coding . github has some of the code up already.



On 08/03/15 11:02, Doug Barton wrote:
> I took a look at that URL, and I see two problems there. First the data
> that they suggest you hide is not particularly meaningful. Second, the
> fact that you are hiding it will make you stand out from the crowd more
> than not hiding it would.
> One could argue that a better tactic might be to send the headers, but
> populate them with valid data from a different platform. I'm still not
> sure how much value that would have though.
> Compare this for to get an idea of my context ...
> https://panopticlick.eff.org/
> hth,
> Doug
> On 3/7/15 10:52 AM, Rainer Blome wrote:
> | Ian, good point, thanks for this link!
> | Just followed the instructions, let's see what's left.
> |
> | @All:
> | Some people can see some of my social network.
> | That's just a fact of life, and I live with this, as everyone else does.
> |
> | Does this mean that I tell some people about all my contacts?
> | No, I try to avoid that.
> |
> | Firms such as Google, which set the default to "upload the whole
> | address book" make it difficult to avoid this.
> | Enigmail should not follow their example.
> |
> | -Rainer
> |
> |
> | Am 07.03.2015 um 02:39 schrieb Ian Mann:
> |>
> http://blog.linuxprogrammer.org/How%20to%20Sanitize%20Thunderbird%20and%20Enigmail.html
> |
> |>   This sanitizes some of the information.
> |
> |> Ian
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