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Ian Mann ansus at neomailbox.ch
Sun Mar 8 03:37:15 CET 2015

            I am not into an rebellious or criminal activity. I became interested in enigmail and PGP around a year ago as a matter of general interest. I am an OAP, (Old Aged Pensioner). I was surprised at how easy it was to set up, perhaps I just found the right material. The link below was the web site I used.


The biggest draw back is that friends don't use encryption, all the chaps I know have their wives operate the computer for them! The second draw back is that most young folks use the cell or mobile phone with SMS to chat, so email encryption is not big with them either.

By what I read on the web, it is business that seems to be the big adopter of end-to-end encryption. I cannot speak for dissidents as I don't mix in those circles, but I can imagine encryption and security is very important to them. Here in Australia new Data retention Laws are proposed, I think the agencies do that illegally now, and our government just wants to make it legal to prevent a court case failing in law on a technicality.

All that said, Ladar Levison said, at the Defcon that there are 3 billion email users today, if everyone encrypted then encrypted message would not seem abnormal. His team is trying to make it 'auto-magical' so as to encourage more folks to encrypt.

I joined the forum so as to be up to date on enigmail events, and practice sending encrypted emails with like minded contacts, as trying to get ordinary Pals to encrypt was a futile exercise. The forum has been fantastic, I am amazed at the work done by the developers here, a small team but with a tremendous output through dedication. The ordinary forum members have been very helpful and don't hold back. Each week I learn a bit more.

Thanks everyone,


On 08/03/15 11:02, Doug Barton wrote:
> I took a look at that URL, and I see two problems there. First the data
> that they suggest you hide is not particularly meaningful. Second, the
> fact that you are hiding it will make you stand out from the crowd more
> than not hiding it would.
> One could argue that a better tactic might be to send the headers, but
> populate them with valid data from a different platform. I'm still not
> sure how much value that would have though.
> Compare this for to get an idea of my context ...
> https://panopticlick.eff.org/
> hth,
> Doug
> On 3/7/15 10:52 AM, Rainer Blome wrote:
> | Ian, good point, thanks for this link!
> | Just followed the instructions, let's see what's left.
> |
> | @All:
> | Some people can see some of my social network.
> | That's just a fact of life, and I live with this, as everyone else does.
> |
> | Does this mean that I tell some people about all my contacts?
> | No, I try to avoid that.
> |
> | Firms such as Google, which set the default to "upload the whole
> | address book" make it difficult to avoid this.
> | Enigmail should not follow their example.
> |
> | -Rainer
> |
> |
> | Am 07.03.2015 um 02:39 schrieb Ian Mann:
> |>
> http://blog.linuxprogrammer.org/How%20to%20Sanitize%20Thunderbird%20and%20Enigmail.html
> |
> |>   This sanitizes some of the information.
> |
> |> Ian
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