[Enigmail] Enigmail v1.8 Beta 1

Philip Jackson philip.jackson at nordnet.fr
Sun Mar 8 21:00:28 CET 2015

Hi Patrick :

I'm now Running Enigmail version 1.8a1pre (20150308-0013) - (Sunday's nightly)
on Thunderbird 31.5, Ubuntu 1404

There's still an odd behaviour on 'sender's key' offers.
see below

On 07/03/15 19:05, Patrick Brunschwig wrote:
> On 01.03.15 22:07, Philip Jackson wrote:

>> I've found a glitch in enigmail 1.8beta  connected with "sender's
>> key" options.
>> If the mail has been signed, you have 3 ways to be offered some
>> options for the sender's key :
>> 1. from the 'Details' button in the message header 2. from the menu
>> bar Enigmail/ Sender's key/ 3. from the strange little icon (3
>> small horizontal bars) on the right hand end of Thunderbird's Mail
>> Toolbar.
>> It is this latter which gives most often defective options.
>> If there is no PhotoID with the key concerned, the PhotoID option
>> is not greyed out, clicking it does however provide the message
>> that no such id is available.

This is now ok - the photo-id option is greyed out in all Sender' key' offers if
the key has no photo id.

>> If the message has not been signed at all, the Details button of
>> course is not present and the other two ways still provide a range
>> of options.

Here there is a difference in behavior depending on how one arrives at the
unsigned message and, I think, whether the unsigned message contains a quote
from a signed email.  Four cases :

1.  If I pass from an unsigned to another unsigned message, all the
enigmail/sender's key/options are greyed out.  This includes from the
thunderbird menu bar and from the menu bar icon.

2.  If I pass from a signed message to an unsigned one which does NOT contain
any quote from a signed message, likewise, all options are greyed out.

3.  However, if I pass from a signed message containing a quote from the
unsigned message (ie a reply to the unsigned message) to that unsigned one, the
menu bar options offer 3 clickable options (View key properties, sign key, set
owner trust) that relate to the previously opened signed message.

4.  Likewise, if I pass from a signed message to an unsigned one which contains
a quote from the signed message, I get the same three offers.

If you have retained this complete thread, you can check it out on three of the
last four messages :

-from Patrick Brunschwig 7/03/15 19:07
-from Ian Mann 7/03/15 19:25 (containing a quote from Patrick's mail)
-from Ludwig Hugelschafer 7/03/15 19:57 (containing a quote from Ian Mann)

Pass from Ludwig's mail to Ian's and with Ian's mail open, you can get offers to
see a key which turns out to be Ludwig's key.

Pass from Patrick's mail to Ian's and you get offers which produce Patrick's key.

I believe that with Ian's unsigned email open, all "sender's key" related
options should be greyed out.


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