[Enigmail] dubious behaviour of 1.8 enigmail toolbar

Philip Jackson philip.jackson at nordnet.fr
Tue Mar 10 00:15:18 CET 2015

Using Sunday's nightly (Enigmail version 1.8a1pre (20150308-0013)) Thunderbird
31.5, linux.

Two manifestations of undesirable behavior.

1. When writing an email, I click on the icons to get non-encrypt and non-sign.
 I then click on the "Enigmail:" button and the 'Encryption signing and
settings' box opens with both the encrypt and sign checkboxes empty (as they
should be).

I agree that this is correct and so I click 'OK'.  The result is that the
message status immediately changes to "sign and encrypt".

This seems to me to be undesirable behavior.  It was not immediately obvious to
me that the correct button to have clicked was the 'cancel' button.

2.  When writing an email, the icons are showing non-encrypt and non-sign.  I
want this email to be signed so I click the 'Enigmail:' button and check the
'Sign Message' box.

I click 'OK' and the message status immediately changes to 'signed and encrypted'

This also is undesirable behavior.


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