[Enigmail] Translations for Enigmail v1.8

Philip Jackson philip.jackson at nordnet.fr
Tue Mar 10 22:34:37 CET 2015

Le 10/03/15 08:45, Patrick Brunschwig a écrit :
> On 09.03.15 22:28, Philip Jackson wrote:
>> Hi Patrick :

>> At the top of the fr page, towards the right, there is a button
>> 'installXPI' I don't want to install something without being clear
>> what I'm getting.
> The button is there by default, but it's meant for Firefox, where it
> allows you to install the package including your new translation.
>> Is this the xpi for the enigmail plugin with fr localisation ?
> possibly yes.

Unfortunately, it tries and fails to install the xpi in Firefox.  If you
download it, it's called enigmail.xpi but Thunderbird doesn't want to install it
either saying "not compatible with Thunderbird 35.1.0"
>> If so, what version of enigmail is it : 1.7 or 1.8beta or latest
>> nightly ?
> I assume it will be 1.8 beta1 (the one I uploaded).
>> I'm generally running a system in EN, with Thunderbird in EN and
>> enigmail in EN. I don't remember having any choice of language
>> after the operating system language choice was made.  So now a
>> stupid question.
> I'd recommend you install the addon Quick Locale Switcher. It will add
> a menu entry to the "Tools" menu allowing you to switch the language
> to FR. If you install the translated XPI, this will make Enigmail
> appear in FR, even if Thunderbird is EN.

That was easy.

 You can also install
> Thunderbird in French, or install the French locale for Thunderbird
> (as XPI), available from the link below.
> The link points to the Windows language packs, if you're on Linux or
> OS X just replace win32 appropriately.
> <http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/thunderbird/releases/31.5.0/win32/xpi/>
The latest available xpi at this link and at the linux-x86_64/xpi link are dated
25 Feb, unfortunately. So they don't include latest translations.

But I do have french locale working now thanks.

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