[Enigmail] Enigmail speed geeking

Ian Mann ansus at neomailbox.ch
Wed Mar 11 22:36:12 CET 2015

Nice essay Robert, thanks.

On 12/03/15 04:10, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
> At the Circumvention Tech Festival there was an event called
> speed-geeking, where the people responsible for a tool would speak for a
> few minutes on something related to the tool and field a few minutes of
> Q&A from the audience about the tool.  I received a number of requests
> afterwards to reprise my Enigmail speed-geeking presentation, so I wrote
> it up and put it online.
> "Things you're doing wrong with Enigmail" is a short (500-word) essay on
> four mistakes I repeatedly see Enigmail users making.  However, it's not
> limited to Enigmail: most of the content is broadly applicable to any
> cryptosystem.
> http://robert-hansen.com/?p=83
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