[Enigmail] Enigmail alert disables Thunderbird menu icon

Philip Jackson philip.jackson at nordnet.fr
Thu Mar 12 18:40:41 CET 2015

I receive a signed message from a friend and it has a pink Enigmail header that
the signature verification has failed.  I am curious as to which key he used so
I click 'Details' and the Enigmail Alert box is displayed and shows me the
public key ID used to sign the message.

I can't recall his key id from my head so I try to open enigmail's key manager
by clicking on the Thunderbird menu icon while leaving the enigmail alert
message displayed on the side for reference.  The Thunderbird menu icon is
disabled while the enigmail alert is displayed.

I can get to the key manager by selecting Enigmail/key management from the
Thunderbird menu bar  which I normally don't have displayed because I use the
toolbar icon instead.

It looks like the Thunderbird Menu bar behaves independently of the Thunderbird
menu icon on the toolbar although they provide equivalent functionality.
Generally, using the toolbar icon allows to save some vertical real estate on
the display so it would be nice if the enigmail alert didn't disable this icon.

Is this easily achievable ?


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