[Enigmail] spontaneous change of message status

Philip Jackson philip.jackson at nordnet.fr
Thu Mar 12 20:38:38 CET 2015

Using Thunderbird 31.5.0 with Enigmail version 1.8a1pre (20150312-0013) on linux.

Recently, I've been paying a lot of attention to the new interface in enigmail
especially the enigmail toolbar when writing emails.  From time to time, I've
had the impression that a message which started out as 'This message will be
signed' with only the 'sign message' check box checked in the Enigmail
Encryption and Signing Settings box, has changed itself without my intervention
to 'This message will be encrypted' with the 'Encrypt Message' box ticked
instead of the 'sign message' box.

I've spent a little time this evening trying to track it down.  (and
incidentally, it has just happened in this message).  I do not understand
exactly why it's happening but I've found a couple of parameters involved.

For this spontaneous change to occur, one needs these factors to exist :

1. the 'To' field is in red type (with a red cursor)
2. the 'To' field must be completed and not left blank
3. the spontaneous change in message status occurs around five or six minutes
into the creation of the email - the body can be blank or partly filled.

What I don't understand is why sometimes I get a red cursor/ text in the 'To'
field and sometimes black.  I can provoke a red address field entry by making
any address incomplete but my address for enigmail-users seems correct and complete.

Anyway - that is what I've found.  If anyone can shed any light on this
'happening', I would be pleased.

But I do consider that a spontaneous change to established message conditions
should not occur.


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