[Enigmail] SeaMonkey 2.33 & Enigmail 1.7.2

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Sun Mar 15 00:55:00 CET 2015

With both the linux and Windows versions of SeaMonkey Enigmail causes
the mailnews accounts to show invalid. I notice these bug reports:

(#372 Enigmail breaks Account Settings in Thunderbird Aurora)

(#429 Mail Account Settings in SeaMonkey 2.33 broken by Enigmail)

372 states "Fixed in version: --- --> 1.8.0"
Unfortunately 1.8.0 isn't release yet, and is not an option from the
Download page.

429 shows that the bug report is invalid and states "This was fixed
several months ago. Please use the latest nightly build form
The nightly 1.8.a1pre does resolve that issue in SeaMonkey.

1.7.2 seems to work with Thunderbird 31.5.0 but does not work with
SeaMonkey 2.33. Why is 429 closed as invalid?

So now every SeaMonkey 2.33 Enigmail user is now expected to run
Enigmail nightlys in order to not have Enigmail destroy the ability to
edit SeaMonkey mailnews accounts?

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