[Enigmail] Kickstarting smart cards

Robert J. Hansen rjh at sixdemonbag.org
Mon Mar 16 03:09:53 CET 2015

> That does seem interesting.  I already have the smartcard from FSFE 
> but have not quite figured it out yet.  Have you used it?  It would
> make enigmail more portable!

The card from FSFE and this card are both functionally equivalent.  From
your perspective, the big difference would be the quality of the
documentation provided -- you already have GnuPG and a smartcard, which
is most of what this Kickstarter provides.

I think there's a $1 option for the printed manual.  Alternately, if you
contact Joey Castillo directly you might be able to cadge a gratis copy.
Dunno.  The documentation they provide *might* be useful; the hardware
of the Kickstarter is probably redundant for you.

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