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Patrick Brunschwig patrick at enigmail.net
Mon Mar 16 08:40:06 CET 2015

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On 14.03.15 17:39, Philip Jackson wrote:
> On 14/03/15 15:22, Patrick Brunschwig wrote:
>> On 13.03.15 20:06, Philip Jackson wrote:
>>> On 13/03/15 17:16, Patrick Brunschwig wrote:
>>>> On 13.03.15 15:45, Philip Jackson wrote:
>>>>>>> For this spontaneous change to occur, one needs these 
>>>>>>> factors to exist :
>>>>>>> 1. the 'To' field is in red type (with a red cursor)
>>>>>>> 2. the 'To' field must be completed and not left blank
>>>>>>> 3. the spontaneous change in message status occurs
>>>>>>> around five or six minutes into the creation of the
>>>>>>> email - the body can be blank or partly filled.
>>>>>> Could it be triggered by auto-saving a draft message?
>>>>> Thanks Patrick - you're spot on !  After all the years of
>>>>> using it, I didn't even know Thunderbird did periodic
>>>>> backups.  I've never seen a backup directory in the file
>>>>> system nor in the profiles. However, it was doing a backup
>>>>> every 5 minutes.
>>>>> I was rather inexact in the original description above.
>>>>> Only the different check box is ticked.  The change in the
>>>>> displayed message status and the icons on the enigmail
>>>>> toolbar doesn't happen until I click 'ok'.
>>>>>>> What I don't understand is why sometimes I get a red 
>>>>>>> cursor/ text in the 'To' field and sometimes black.  I
>>>>>>> can provoke a red address field entry by making any
>>>>>>> address incomplete but my address for enigmail-users
>>>>>>> seems correct and complete.
>>>>>> That's Thunderbird behavior - nothing Enigmail
>>>>>> influences and nothing Enigmail could do to improve it.
>>>>> True.  But I still don't understand why sometimes
>>>>> Thunderbird considers the To address broken.  The emails
>>>>> always arrive at destination ok.  And it is not consistent
>>>>> for any given address.
>>>>>>> But I do consider that a spontaneous change to
>>>>>>> established message conditions should not occur.
>>>>>> Agreed
>>>>> The change induced by Thunderbird seems to be one way only
>>>>> : sign -> encrypt. It doesn't reverse itself back to 'sign
>>>>> only' after a further backup period. But if you reset to
>>>>> 'sign only', after another backup period, it flips again to
>>>>> encrypt.
>>>> I'm trying to reproduce it, but so far didn't succeed. What
>>>> are your account settings and other rules when this happens?
>>> My account settings on OpenPGP Security : enable PGP support,
>>> Use specific PGP key, sign by default, PGP/MIME by default,
>>> sign non encrypted messages, sign encrypted messages, encrypt
>>> draft messages on saving.
>>> Nothing set under account settings Security.
>>> Enigmail preferences / Sending = Convenient encryption
>>> settings, Key Selection : By Per-recipient, By email addresses
>>> For this to happen when writing an email :
>>> 1. Thunderbird preferences/Composition/General : check
>>> autosave (every 5 minutes), confirm when using keyboard
>>> shortcuts, check for missing attachments 2. 'To' field in email
>>> must be red.  This happens at random for any given email
>>> address but I can provoke it by breaking the address.  (I
>>> assumed the red indicated that Thunderbird considered the
>>> address broken ) 3.  The 'To' field must have an entry 4. The
>>> enigmail setting for that email must be 'sign only'
>>> Then just sit and wait for five minutes while checking the
>>> enigmail toolbar button from time to time.
>> I still cannot reproduce it. Could you send me a debug log file
>> (menu Enigmail > Debugging Options > View Log)?
> sent to you at your address.
> Apart from the Thunderbird peculiarity of turning the address field
> red (even though the address is already in my address book since
> years), it looks like the tick box flips from 'sign' to 'encrypt'
> when Thunderbird auto-saves a copy of the mail being prepared for
> sending.
> Unless the sender actually clicks on the enigmail button in the
> enigmail toolbar and also clicks on ok, this autosave process
> doesn't actually affect the final email status when it is sent.  If
> it was originally 'sign' only, that is the way it gets sent.  The
> encrypt only affects the auto-backup, as far as I can tell.

This should be fixed with the latest nightly build.

- -Patrick

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