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Olav Seyfarth olav at enigmail.net
Mon Mar 16 11:48:50 CET 2015

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Hi Anne,

> I've had an FSFE smartcard for around 3 years, without a clue about how to
> use it.

I use it every day, in fact this messages is signed by it. Did you try to find
out how to use it? There is some documentation, both on FSFE and on GnuPG side:


If you need assistance, feel free to contact me off-list. It will be easier to
phone actually since there are considerations that should be discussed first.
Ideally, you would provide a writeup afterwards that we could use on our site.

Apart from that, I asked Joey what the difference between his card and Werner's
OpenPGP Smartcard (which is the FSFE card). He replied (but did not add the
answer to the FAQ on kickstarter):

  It differs in a couple of ways. The g10 card is a contact-only interface; this
  card is dual interface, which means it could potentially work with NFC devices
  like Android tablets and smart phones. The g10 card is also not open source.
  This card is open source, written for the JavaCard platform, and the code is
  openly available here: https://github.com/josecastillo/OpenPGP-Card

  Having said that, the g10 card does offer one feature that this card does not.
  The g10 card supports adjustable key sizes; this card only supports 2048-bit
  keys. I wrote about the rationale behind this in the project FAQ, but it is
  important to mention because if you have a key larger than 2048 bits, this
  won't work for you.

  Having said that, the g10 card has been out of stock at kernelconcepts since
  last June, and if you click the link on the page you sent, their store is
  currently down. I'm not aware of any other sources for the g10 card at this

I checked KernelConcepts: their site yields
  The shop will is temporarily closed. If you have an urgend need of OpenPGP
  cards or Gemalto Shell token card reader, feel free to contact us.
So, basically, write them an E-Mail and you'll get it anyway.

Concerning "The g10 card is also not open source.", I cannot comment on. But the
spec is available at http://g10code.com/p-card.html

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