[Enigmail] New GnuPG 2.0.27

Bob Henson bob.henson at galen.org.uk
Wed Mar 18 12:11:00 CET 2015

I just installed the new GnupG 2.0.27, via Gpg4Win 2.2.4 vanilla. I
couldnot access the Enigmail key management window at all - getting the
following error message:-

The spinner was indicating that it was trying to load the keys, but
nothing happenedafter a considerable wait.

I reinstalled it over itself to no avail. I re-installed 2.0.26 via
Gpg4Win 2.2.3 and all was immediately restored to full functioning . Not
being very technical, I have no idea why this should be but thought it
would be of interest, and that someone might know why? I'm not currently
connected to the GPG4Win forum, so I can't say if it has been mentioned
in there.



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