[Enigmail] New 1.8 toolbar on the composition window

Doug Barton dougb at dougbarton.email
Wed Mar 18 20:35:02 CET 2015

On 3/18/15 7:53 AM, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
>> But what percentage of overall enigmail users are they, and how
>> likely are they to blindly send their key to a keyserver rather then
>> blindly click a button to attach their public key?
> Try turning your question around.  Consider if one of them were to ask,
> "But what percentage of overall Enigmail users live in liberal Western
> democracies, and how likely are they to use this 'send to keyserver'
> option rather than the sensible 'attach public key' button?

That's a totally non-sequitur argument, as you're positing a number of 
straw-men that I didn't put up. (You're also not answering my question 
about what percentage of the user base these people form.)

> Do we
> really need to make it easy to send keys to the keyserver?"
> The answer is, both groups are very important to us.

I'm not saying that either group is unimportant. In fact I would argue 
that people who are actually using cryptography for real, meaningful 
purposes are far more important than the dilettantes like us.

But the question is not, "Which group is important?" the question is, 
"What should the defaults be?"

> If you don't like the button, great.  Don't use it.  :)

Well that's not only non-sequitur, it's childish. But I'll give you a 
smiley-based pass. :)

I have said repeatedly now that I'm not concerned with what experts can 
or cannot do. I think the new defaults are bad on several levels, and 
will lead to bad outcomes.

> But we did get
> feedback from a large number of trainers at the Circumvention
> conference, and I did not hear one single complaint about the 1.8 beta I
> showed them with the "Attach public key" button.

Sure, but again, non-sequitur. I would definitely expect that if you 
show the feature to a group for whom the feature would be wildly useful 
that they would approve. :)  What percentage of the overall user 
population was represented, and should we tailor the defaults for that 
tiny group?

> As always, Patrick's in the driver's seat and gets to make the final
> decisions on everything... but my feeling is the "Attach public key"
> button is something that an important fraction of our users approve of,
> and for that reason we're not going to get rid of it.  We might figure
> out better ways to present it or make it fit in the UI, but we're going
> to continue to make it extremely easy for users to attach public keys to
> an email message.

It already was easy. There is already an option to attach it to every 
message, and there is already a menu item to attach it to individual 
messages. I'm not hearing any rationale for putting an attractive 
nuisance button in every user's face for a feature that most of them do 
not need.

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