[Enigmail] New 1.8 toolbar on the composition window

Ian Mann ansus at neomailbox.ch
Wed Mar 18 20:44:13 CET 2015

I like the 'Attach My Public Key' button, its so handy where it now is...


On 19/03/15 06:35, Doug Barton wrote:
> On 3/18/15 7:53 AM, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
>>> But what percentage of overall enigmail users are they, and how
>>> likely are they to blindly send their key to a keyserver rather then
>>> blindly click a button to attach their public key?
>> Try turning your question around.  Consider if one of them were to ask,
>> "But what percentage of overall Enigmail users live in liberal Western
>> democracies, and how likely are they to use this 'send to keyserver'
>> option rather than the sensible 'attach public key' button?
> That's a totally non-sequitur argument, as you're positing a number of straw-men that I didn't put up. (You're also not answering my question about what percentage of the user base these people form.)
>> Do we
>> really need to make it easy to send keys to the keyserver?"
>> The answer is, both groups are very important to us.
> I'm not saying that either group is unimportant. In fact I would argue that people who are actually using cryptography for real, meaningful purposes are far more important than the dilettantes like us.
> But the question is not, "Which group is important?" the question is, "What should the defaults be?"
>> If you don't like the button, great.  Don't use it.  :)
> Well that's not only non-sequitur, it's childish. But I'll give you a smiley-based pass. :)
> I have said repeatedly now that I'm not concerned with what experts can or cannot do. I think the new defaults are bad on several levels, and will lead to bad outcomes.
>> But we did get
>> feedback from a large number of trainers at the Circumvention
>> conference, and I did not hear one single complaint about the 1.8 beta I
>> showed them with the "Attach public key" button.
> Sure, but again, non-sequitur. I would definitely expect that if you show the feature to a group for whom the feature would be wildly useful that they would approve. :)  What percentage of the overall user population was represented, and should we tailor the defaults for that tiny group?
>> As always, Patrick's in the driver's seat and gets to make the final
>> decisions on everything... but my feeling is the "Attach public key"
>> button is something that an important fraction of our users approve of,
>> and for that reason we're not going to get rid of it.  We might figure
>> out better ways to present it or make it fit in the UI, but we're going
>> to continue to make it extremely easy for users to attach public keys to
>> an email message.
> It already was easy. There is already an option to attach it to every message, and there is already a menu item to attach it to individual messages. I'm not hearing any rationale for putting an attractive nuisance button in every user's face for a feature that most of them do not need.
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