[Enigmail] New 1.8 toolbar on the composition window

Robert J. Hansen rjh at sixdemonbag.org
Wed Mar 18 21:10:52 CET 2015

> That's a totally non-sequitur argument...

That's because it's not an argument.  It's showing you that you're
arguing from one particular viewpoint, and the other viewpoint is every
bit as valid.  They are just as correct to question your existence as
you are to question theirs.  And they are also just as correct to ask
for an interface that meets their needs as you are to ask for one that
meets yours.

> I'm not saying that either group is unimportant. In fact I would 
> argue that people who are actually using cryptography for real, 
> meaningful purposes are far more important than the dilettantes like
>  us.

If you're a dilettante, why should I care about your opinion?

> I have said repeatedly now that I'm not concerned with what experts 
> can or cannot do. I think the new defaults are bad on several levels,
> and will lead to bad outcomes.

And we've said several times: we've heard you, but we disagree, so we're
going forward with the current design.  You may want to consider the
possibility that the louder you shout at us how we're dooming email
adoption, the less inclined we are to take you seriously.

If bad outcomes happen, so what?  By your own admission the adoption of
email crypto can't really get much worse.  There's a kind of liberating
freedom in being completely screwed: it gives you enormous freedom to do
different things -- especially things that people tell you will never
work and will have bad outcomes.

The new interface is what it is.  And if we get feedback from users
saying they hate it and it makes their lives difficult, we'll fix it.
It's remarkably simple that way.  :)

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