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On 03/18/2015 05:34 PM, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:

> As tool developers and distributors, we do have an influence on
> what's possible and what's easy for people to do.  i think it's
> only responsible to try to use that influence for good.

> http://www.pewinternet.org/2015/03/16/Americans-Privacy-Strategies-Post-Snowden/
>  i'm not sure i reach the same conclusion that you do from it,
> though:

> I'm not just a security nerd -- i'm a transit infrastructure nerd!
> I think life is better for more people when more people bike or use
> mass transit instead of driving private automobiles.  When biking
> or mass transit is clunky, difficult, slow, ugly, dangerous, or
> expensive, people tend to avoid these modes of transit.  That's why
> i am involved with groups that try to improve the experience for
> bikers and mass transit riders in the city where i live.  It makes
> life better for everyone!
> And it's not that people near me don't know that mass transit is 
> probably better for public health than individual automobiles, or
> even that they don't care at all (though i admit they probably
> don't care as much as i wish they would).  It's that they're busy,
> distracted, and they have other priorities.  So any hurdle (however
> small) that makes biking/transit worse is enough to turn off some
> set of people who decide "meh, i can't be bothered".
> Increasing the frequency of trains, keeping them clean, lowering
> the fares, providing indicators so we know when the bus will
> arrive, having bike lanes, etc -- all these things make using bikes
> or transit nicer, so more people (even people who aren't transit
> activists) will participate.
> Why should this approach not translate into secure communications
> tools?
> Regards,
> --dkg

I've been involved in security since I was in the Army stationed in
what used to be called "West Germany."  A large number of people read
about the cold war in history books without even realizing that there
were monthly reports in the Stars and Stripes of the number of East
Germans killed trying to escape to West Germany.

People do not realize that the minute they use their cell phone they
are transmitting a radio signal that can be picked up by a scanner.
Enigmail along with GnuPG adds a layer of security to your
communication, but back in the 90's we jested that the NSA was
probably reading our encrypted messages anyway.

As stated above most people do not want to take the time or the effort
to learn about encryption or even encrypting your hard drive on your
laptop.  That makes it too hard to boot for them.  When their computer
is hacked, lost, or stolen and their password data to all their credit
cards and suppliers is loosed then they worry.

It was good practice in the military to answer the phone with the
phrase, "This line is not secure."

Both my sisters consider me a paranoid old man, but I tend to take my
personal security seriously.  I make it a point to instruct as many as
possible about the benefits of signing and encrypting email and files
on your computer.  It is true that encrypting files and entering a
passphrase to open them is an added step, but I have seen the results
of those who take a lax attitude to their own security.

I see it as our job to keep up the fight and warn those around us
about the dangers not locking your front door.

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