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On 03/19/15 10:38, LeRoy wrote:
> People do not realize that the minute they use their cell phone
> they are transmitting a radio signal that can be picked up by a
> scanner.

Just noting that some of us are acutely aware of issues like this.  :)

(On the other hand, some of us take it to the point of raging paranoia.
"Yahoo is creating a service to use a smartphone as a token device in
order to eliminate passwords."  "*YAAAARRRRGGGGH*, it's all part of a
plot to spy on us, we are *so* fucked!"  "Microsoft is putting a
biometric-authentication capability in Windows 10 using faces,
fingerprints or iris recognition, to eliminate regular passwords."
"*YAAAARRRRGGGGH*, it's all part of a plot to spy on us, we are *so*

> As stated above most people do not want to take the time or the
> effort to learn about encryption or even encrypting your hard drive
> on your laptop.  That makes it too hard to boot for them.  When
> their computer is hacked, lost, or stolen and their password data
> to all their credit cards and suppliers is loosed then they worry.

Not to mention thinking carefully about what sensitive data they store
on mobile/portable devices in the first place.

> It was good practice in the military to answer the phone with the 
> phrase, "This line is not secure."
> Both my sisters consider me a paranoid old man, but I tend to take
> my personal security seriously.

Indeed.  And so do I.  Though I try not to throw the baby out with the
bath-water as exemplified above.

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