[Enigmail] Filter Issue in combination with Enigmail Permanent Decryption

Gnoxter gnoxter at linuxlounge.net
Mon Mar 23 22:38:19 CET 2015


there is no built in selector to detect PGP yet. In case2 you are
selecting messages that are tagged as PGP, but I don't see a rule that
automatically tags PGP email with "PGP". I assume the email that is
handled has this tag due to manual tagging.

To automatically tag PGP emails add, at the top, a filter that does the

Match any of the following:
[Body] contains [-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----]
[Content-Type] contains [application/pgp-encrypted]
[Tag Message] [PGP]

Then you can down the line rely on the "PGP" Tag as selector to only
handle PGP emails. Alternatively if you have only one filter anyway you
can replace the "Tags contain PGP" with the rules above.

Admittedly a bit unintuitive but I'm it good spirits that we'll have a
selector to directly match PGP Messages rather soon.

-- gnoxter

On 23/03/15 11:31, Severin Stalder wrote:
> Hi everyone
> I tried to apply the Enigmail "decrypted copy" filter and it wasn't
> working properly:
> case2, attachement "pgp_filter_case2_not_working"
> - Only one email is copied from my inbox to the local folder "Decrypted
> Inbox".
> - No email is moved to "Backup".
> case1, attachement "pgp_filter_case1_working"
> - Using a different tag that affects only non-encrypted messages, all
> tagged emails are moved to the destination folder "Backup"
> - No email is copied to the "Decrypted Inbox" (but this should be no
> problem).
> The attachement pgp_apply_filters shows how I applied the filters.
> I am using Thunderbird 31.5.0 in German with Enigmal Version 1.8.
> Thanks a lot for your help and effort to make this feature working!
> Best regards
> Severin Stalder
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