[Enigmail] Is Enigmail intercepting "missing key"

Doug Barton dougb at dougbarton.email
Wed Mar 25 20:36:43 CET 2015

On 3/25/15 4:44 AM, Patrick Brunschwig wrote:
> On 25.03.15 09:04, Doug Barton wrote:
>> I was reading some list mail today and came across the attached
>> with 1.8.1.
>> Is this a new thing that Enigmail is doing? If so, how do we make
>> it go away?
> Yes it's new and no, it's not new. The new thing here is the "Import
> key" button. In older versions the text was slightly different and
> suggested to use the "Details" button.

Yes, I'm familiar with the old text.

The new thing seems to be that when this event is triggered it 
unconditionally stops processing. Am I correct in this assumption?

I have auto-key-retrieve in my keyserver options, which meant that in 
most cases before, the old text would flash briefly and then the key 
would be retrieved, and then the message would be verified.

> You can't make it go away, I consider it an important usability
> improvement.

The new text and the import button are great, *for people who need 
them.*  If I am correct that this event is now stopping the processing 
of the message, that is the bit that I would like to see go away. If I 
am not correct about that, my apologies for the noise.


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