[Enigmail] PGP/MIME message is confusing.

David lists at theflorys.org
Wed Mar 25 23:36:15 CET 2015

When a message is signed with a valid key and sent using PGP/MIME
Enigmail reports that "Part of the message signed; click on 'Details'
button for more information'.  I may be confused but I can see no way to
tell which part of the message is actually signed.  In-line PGP clearly
delineates the beginning and the end of the signed part;  PGP/MIME does
not.  Further, when I follow the hint and click on the 'Details' button
I can get details on the signing key and its validity but there is not
information explaining the comment "Part of the message signed".

Am I missing something or is the message misleading and uninformative?

Enigmail 1.8.1 and GPG 2.0.27 on Ubuntu 14.10

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