[Enigmail] some thoughts about usability

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Sun Mar 29 17:53:50 CEST 2015


Enigmail 1.8.1 causes me and users I support some pain at the moment.

I don't want to ignite any (probably futile) usability discussions.
Still I would like to suggest a few things:

1. When you introduce a new toolbar, make sure, it's not hidden after
the upgrade.
(You might also consider moving the two important buttons to the main
toolbar ans leave the rest on the enigmail toolbar. IMHO it's ok to do
this without asking for permission.)

2. Make the "protocol" menu entry less ambiguous. When it says
"protocol: inline PGP", does that mean I will use inline PGP now - or
only after I clicked on the entry? It's not clear because menu entries
are not good for toggling.
(Ideas: 1. Change the text to something precise like "message will be
sent as..." 2. Put a tickmark in front of it. 3. Probably best solution:
Create a submenu with all available options. No extra clicks here.)

3. Passphrase caching without external tools. Seriously.

Non-functional passhprase caching frustrates users like nothing else.

Yes, there is pgp-agent. Yes, there is this gnome-keyring-thingy. The
latter makes KDE-users mad, is most probably rarely in use anyway, and
causes a lot of pain whenever it doesn't work. The first needs
configuration in at least one textfile in a hidden subdirectory. (And
possibly deactivation of the latter, which might kill it after it
started up with the X11-session. Haven't figured it out yet.)

Yes, in the linux world you want to leave work and decisions to tools
which were made for that very kind of work or decision. Love the idea.

On the other hand you want *some* things to "just work". I belive,
e-mail encryption belongs to these kinds of things.

So, in my opinion, there should be a setting to cache the passphrase in
enigmail and ignore any passphrase manager. It should be set by default.
(Of course there will be complaints about this, because this is not the
"right" way...)


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