[Enigmail] some thoughts about usability

Ludwig Hügelschäfer ludwig at enigmail.net
Mon Mar 30 07:34:00 CEST 2015

On 29.03.15 23:13, lists at datenritter.de wrote:
> Ok... Maybe my localstore.rdf *is* broken... (how could I figure it
> out?)

Find out, where your profile directory is, close Thunderbird, and rename
localstore.rdf to something else. Start Thunderbird and all views
(window sizes, displayed columns, etc.) will be reset. Compose a mail
and the Enigmail toolbar should show up in the composition window.

> - but a friend of mine had the same problem on a windows box.

Yes, localstore.rdf can break, and it does so. That's a Thunderbird bug.
I had to delete it several times in my TB life.


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