[Enigmail] PGP/MIME in web mail clients ( was: Re: some thoughts about usability)

Mike Acker mike_acker at charter.net
Mon Mar 30 19:58:21 CEST 2015

On 03/30/2015 11:38 AM, Olav Seyfarth wrote:
> Hi Ian,{ snip }
> Sure. That's the beauty of INLINE. It ALWAYS works (with plain text).
> But looks
> ugly ;-)
> > It is nice we have the choice to select from.
> Sure. And this will stay in Enigmail. You may set your personal
> preference,
> let Enigmail automatically change this personal per-identity setting using
> per-receipient rules and you may switch while composing messages. But the
> program default will be PGP/MIME in our next release.
> Olav
is PGP/MIME compatible with S/MIME ?   S/MIME asks for an x.509
certificate -- which raise many questions,-- still I've wondered if a
browser fit with S/MIME could read a PGP/MIME format message
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