[Enigmail] PGP/MIME in web mail clients ( was: Re: some thoughts about usability)

Ian Mann ansus at neomailbox.ch
Mon Mar 30 23:08:42 CEST 2015

Your right Olav, now using PGP/Mime the body can be read now in the gmail web browser. I wonder when Gmail changed. I can recall my friends complaints that there was nothing in the message. I wonder how it looks in Outlook now.

In Line can look 'ugly' , but I have got use to it now. I will gibe PGP/Mime a try again.

On 31/03/15 02:38, Olav Seyfarth wrote:
> Hi Ian,
> > I started off using PGP/MIME, it seemed neat. However, some contacts read
> > their mail in web browsers, eg Gmail, and all they saw was the signature
> > and could not view content of the message.
> It is true that web mail clients often do not handle PGP/MIME (or PGP at all).
> But what you describe above is that Google Mail would not display the message
> body AT ALL. I just tried to reproduce this but cannot!
> Gmail inbox DOES show the CONTENT of the message body for all PGP/MIME messages
> (plain text, HTML only, mixed) I sent to myself.
> It cannot display the SIGNATURE properly, though! (Your receipient may not
> verify the message within the Google mail web interface. But that applies to
> ALL non PGP-enabled mail clients.)
> > It was a hassle trying to remember which contacts used the web browser to
> > read email in.
> You could have used per-receipient rules for that...
> > Switching to in-line solved the issue for me. Now the see the signature
> > and email content.
> Sure. That's the beauty of INLINE. It ALWAYS works (with plain text). But looks
> ugly ;-)
> > It is nice we have the choice to select from.
> Sure. And this will stay in Enigmail. You may set your personal preference,
> let Enigmail automatically change this personal per-identity setting using
> per-receipient rules and you may switch while composing messages. But the
> program default will be PGP/MIME in our next release.
> Olav
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