[Enigmail] [ANN] Enigmail 2.0 Beta 1 Available

Patrick Brunschwig patrick at enigmail.net
Mon Feb 12 13:14:20 CET 2018

I'm pleased to announce the 1st beta version of Enigmail 2.0. This marks
a major milestone in the development of Enigmail. In the two years since
the last major update, we improved and changed quite many things. The
code base grew by more than 18%, and another 6% of the code was modified.

New Features since v1.9
* The Encryption and Signing buttons now work for both OpenPGP and
S/MIME. Enigmail will chose between S/MIME or OpenPGP depending on
whether the keys for all receipients are available for the respective

* Support for the Autocrypt standard [1], which is now enabled by default.

* Support for Pretty Easy Privacy (pEp) [2] is implemented in Enigmail.
However, we're not yet ready to enable pEp in the current Beta 1
release. We expect that support for pEp will be enabled in Beta 2 that
will follow in ca. 2 weeks.

* Support for Web Key Directory (WKD) [3] is implemented. Enigmail will
try to download unavailable keys during message composition from WKD.
If you use GnuPG 2.2.x, and your provider supports the Web Key Service
protocol [4], you can also use Enigmail to upload your key to WKD.

* The message subject can now be encrypted and replaced with a dummy
subject, following the "Memory Hole" standard for protected Email
Headers [5].

* The keys on the keyring are automatically refreshed from keyservers at
an irregular interval.

* Enigmail was turned into a "restartless" addon. That is, once you
installed Enigmail 2.0 beta1, subsequent updates will be installed
without needing to restart Thunderbird.

* Keys are internally addressed using the fingerprint instead of the key ID.

Fixed defects
In addition to the above, we fixed quite some

Obtaining Enigmail 2.0 Beta 1

Addon package:

Addon signature:

Source code:

Source code signature:

What Next?
I'm planning to release one or two more beta versions before the final
release. I will shortly update the localization files on Transifex, such
that localizers can start translating.


[1] https://www.autocrypt.org/
[2] https://pep.foundation/
[3] https://wiki.gnupg.org/WKD
[4] https://wiki.gnupg.org/WKS
[5] https://github.com/autocrypt/memoryhole

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