[Pound Mailing List] ANNOUNCE: Pound - reverse proxy and load balancer - v2.8

Robert Segall roseg at apsis.ch
Fri May 11 12:22:44 CEST 2018

This is to announce the release of Pound v2.8. This is a production
version. Cumulative changes since version 2.7:

    - removed DynScale flag and support
    - removed support for multi-line headers (both input and output)

Bug fixes:
    - fixed potential request smuggling via fudged headers

Many thanks to all contributors.

The software is at version 2.8 (production quality). Further testing
(especially under heavy loads), improvements and suggestions are
Robert Segall
Apsis GmbH
Postfach, Uetikon am See, CH-8707
Tel: +41-32-512 30 19

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